One Perfect Darkness

July 2015


Original Paintings and Designs in a Setting of White Orchids and Fine Jewels

 With special thanks to Hueb, New York City

One Perfect Darkness by Giorgio Casu

Hueb Scarves

Photos by Aldo Soligno

Special thanks to…

Gabriel Danaher and the Hueb team for impeccable setting and flawless organization/Giulio Serafini for the 3D experience that blew people minds away/Satya Hinduja for the incredible sound within the performance/Michele Palazzo for the great graphics… priceless as usual/Layla Love for making possible the display of the 3 artworks for Something about Love/Andrea Spano for the collaboration for the Elephant eggs and the Butterfly guitar/Valentina Ferrari, Giulia Perovich, Aldo Soligno, Grayson Dantzic for the logistics, press and photography/Matteo Rignanese, Tansy Kaschak, Greta Scarpa , Martina Rimoldi for support and promotion/Marco Montefiori for the great Montenegro Mule experience/